Sterling Keller, BS in progress


Sterling was born and raised right here in central Wisconsin. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors
of Science degree in Psychology and Sociology, with minors in Criminal Justice and Substance
Abuse and Addiction Studies at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Post-graduation, Sterling
aims to work in the Corrections field, or continue working with the TNC Wellness family. His goal
with that degree is to reach out to as many individuals as he can and lend a helping hand, in any
way that he can. Specifically in the Corrections field, so many individuals are misunderstood and
ignored. Sterling wants to be able to help those people if at all possible; and give them a second chance
to be something better.

Sterling's goal here at TNC Wellness is to be the best supporting character he can be; and he takes
that role very seriously. Any way that he can make the clinicians’ lives easier, any way he can connect
with our clients in their time of need, he wants to be able to do that for them. Being someone that
others can find comfort in is incredibly important for a Clinical Coordinator being that they are often
the first contact that our clients have. Making a good first impression and
being as approachable as possible is what he strives for. Sterling may not be a clinician, but being there for
others is, and has always been, extremely important to him.

Sterling is a movie enthusiast, and has memorized an impressive collection of movie
quotes. He is also an animal lover, having a total of six animals, four dogs and two cats. In his
free time, Sterling likes to try and be active or at least just be outside. He enjoys outdoor activities such as;
fishing, bowling, grilling, and playing basketball.


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